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Bologna, Italy, Population: 380.000, Daily water consumption per capita: 213 L

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Press release 05.01.2021


A Brunata és a ZENNER – két vezető vállalat a víz-, hő- és energiafogyasztás-mérő megoldások terén – bejelentette, hogy BRUNATA ZENNER néven egyesíti leányvállalatait Magyarországon.

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Press release 05.01.2021

Better together: BRUNATA and ZENNER announce the merger in Hungary

Brunata and ZENNER, leading companies in the field of water, heat and energy measurement solutions, announce the merger of their subsidiaries in Hungary, creating BRUNATA ZENNER.

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Press release 27.11.2020

Mieux ensemble: BRUNATA et ZENNER annoncent la fusion en France

Brunata et ZENNER, sociétés leaders dans le domaine des solutions de mesure de l'eau, de la chaleur et de l'énergie, annoncent la fusion de leurs filiales en France, créant ainsi la société BRUNATA ZENNER SAS.

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Press release 27.11.2020

Better together: BRUNATA and ZENNER announce the merger in France

Brunata and ZENNER, leading companies in the field of water, heat and energy measurement solutions, announce the merger of their subsidiaries in France, creating BRUNATA ZENNER SAS.

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Press release 11.11.2020

Better together: Brunata and Zenner announce the merger in Italy

Brunata and ZENNER, leading companies in the solutions for the measurement of water, heat and energy, announce the merger of their branches in Italy, creating BRUNATA ZENNER Srl.

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Press release 20.03.2020

ZENNER cancels all 2020 events due to corona crisis

The number of both global and Germany-wide coronavirus infections has continued to increase over the past few days and has dramatically changed life worldwide.

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Press release 28.02.2020

Minol-ZENNER Group supports fight against coronavirus

Last week, the Minol-ZENNER Group donated medical equipment worth 4.5 million renminbi – roughly equivalent to 600,000 euro – to the Shanghai Charity Foundation. The measurement devices will be used to help treat seriously ill patients.

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Press release 23.07.2018

Bringing together what belongs together – Minol-ZENNER Group acquires Brunata International

This opens up new sales markets for IoT networking in buildings to the German corporation and makes it the third largest provider of metering and billing services in Europe and the world.

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Press release 19.12.2017

ZENNER is expanding its smart product portfolio and to this end it is taking over the Energy business sector from the Italian specialist for smart gas meters Alfa Centauri S.p.A.

On December 5, 2017 ZENNER will take over the Energy business sector from the Italian specialist for smart gas meters Alfa Centauri S.p.A., thus further expanding its position in the international Smart Meter market. The new Company will be registered in future as ZENNER Gas S.r.l. and will move the headquarters from Fara Filiorum Petri in Italy to Pescara.

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Press release 22.08.2017

LPWAN: great potential in heat supply

A Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) makes the Internet of Things (IoT) accessible for municipal utilities and energy suppliers. Remote readout of meters and sensors is just one application of many. ZENNER and partners offer all the IoT technology with applications for this.

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Press release 12.07.2017

ZENNER Connect AG: New IoT solutions provider for Switzerland

Minol-ZENNER Group establishes Swiss subsidiary for IoT solutions to push ahead with its international digitisation drive

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Press release 12.06.2017

Technical report: Remote readout with long-range wireless networks

Automated reading and monitoring of water meters, early recognition of malfunctions and leakage: The remote readout on the basis of LPWA networks offers numerous benefits to water suppliers and municipal utilities. (Published in "Automation Blue" 2/2017)

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Press release 17.05.2017

The Minol-Zenner Group is expanding its own compentences with a new solution provider for Smart Utilities, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0

ZENNER will invest in BK IoT Solutions GmbH, which will operate in future under the name ZENNER IoT Solutions. The company will develop smart applications and software solutions for municipal utilities, municipalities and industrial companies.

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Press release 06.02.2017

Minol-ZENNER Group enters partnership with SmartMakers

The Minol-ZENNER Group is continuing to expand its network of partners for the development of IoT solutions with the acquisition of a new holding

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Press release 18.01.2017

Minol-ZENNER Group Makes Investment in IoT Focused Start-up Company TrackNet

Company is joined by Gemtek in investing in Internet of Things (IoT) and Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) to create new possibilities for efficient remote meter reading

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Press release 26.09.2016

Zenner will be presenting smart metering technology for the Internet of Things at the European Utility Week.

Zenner will be presenting its smart solutions for remote meter reading for the first time at the European Utility Week from November 15 to 17, 2016 in Barcelona at Stand 3C61. The highlight will be the presentation of new technology for the Internet of Things.

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Press release 04.04.2016

ZENNER développe des instruments de mesure pour l'Internet des objets

Le producteur allemand d'instruments de mesure ZENNER a mis au point des compteurs d'eau et d'énergie thermique ainsi que des répartiteurs de chaleur intelligents pour l'Internet des objets. Utilisés dans toute la zone territoriale, ils permettent de lire les données de consommation d'eau, d'énergie thermique, de gaz ou d'électricité d'une ville entière en quelques minutes.

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Press release 23.03.2016

ZENNER develops smart measuring instruments for the Internet of Things

The German measuring instrument manufacturer ZENNER develops smart water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators for the Internet of Things. When used comprehensively they allow the reading of consumer data for water, heat, gas and electricity for an entire city in minutes.

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Press release 06.07.2015

ZENNER and Minol are taking German technology abroad

The Minol-ZENNER Group is expanding its global business operation and underlining its aim of always competing at the forefront with the establishment of a joint venture in Turkey.

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Press release 10.06.2015

In the realm of the sleeping tiger – Zenner sets up a joint venture in Myanmar

Zenner International is one of the first German companies to set up its own subsidiary in Myanmar. Once the richest country in Southeast Asia, this is a future ‘tiger economy' and one of the most promising future markets in the region.

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